Be Security Aware this Winter

Crime is unfortunately a fact of life, but here at Mid Kerry Security, we want to help give you the best piece of mind. Along with the option to take advantage of our FREE 5 Point Security Check for your home, this blog includes ways to help keep yourself and your home safe this winter.



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5 TOP TIPS for Burglary Prevention

The Garda asks everyone to play a role in helping to reduce crime and gives advice on a range of area’s where we can help to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

  1. Make sure doors and windows and locks securely.
  2. Use a timer device or other app or to turn lights on and off when you out of the house to make it look like people are in.
  3. Never store keys near windows or letterboxes.
  4. Make a note of your valuables, try not to keep large amounts of cash at home.
  5. Use your alarm system, even when you are at home


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5 TOP TIPS for Holiday & Family Visits

Whether you are leaving the country in search of some sun or just popping over to see friends or family for a few days; follow these tips to keep your home safe while you are not there.

DO Consider getting you alarm linked to your mobile phone. We can provide an app for both Android and iOS. with Cloud Service. With our app, you can access your alarm system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection (including wireless).
DO Make sure your house can be seen from the street. Cut back any tree’s, bushes etc that block the view.
DO mark your valuable items with a U.V pen & take pictures of jewellery.
DON’T share your holidays plans on Facebook or other social media. This can sound sceptical but how well do you know every one of your follows and their followers?
DON’T leave a spare key outside where it could be found. Instead consider leaving it with a trusted neighbour.



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What to do if you suspect a break in

It is not a thought we wish to consider, but if you are victim of a brake-in or suspect you may have been burgled

  • Call 999 or 112 in the case of an emergency
  • Contact your local Garda Station
  • Go in person to your local Garda Station.
  • Visit the website

Please do not go into your house if you suspect anyone is still inside.


We’ve thought of it all

Here are some options on our home alarm system that we can add to help make that little bit easier.

Got a furry friend in the house? At MKS we can set your alarm to be pet-friendly. With zone settings and an allowance of up to 40kg, you don’t have worry your four-legged pall will set it off. Make your home secure and saving their ears too.

We can provide FOBs to control your alarm. Choose from a simple push button or key-in your code for added security. Set and unset all or part of the security. Also, features a panic button.

We can offer smoke alarms along with your security system. Completely wireless it can tell your main alarm panel if there is a fire and alert you via your app.

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Perfect to print off for you, your neighbours & family.


  • 5 Garda Tips
  • 5 Holiday Tips
  • 5 Bonus Tips
  • ‘What to do if you suspect a break in’ 


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