7th March 2017 headline* reads

“Armed robbers target same Tesco store five times in the space of only 10 weeks”.

The article goes on to talk about how two of these attacks were within three days of each other with the store looking to review its security procedures. With regular headlines like this appearing in our press it is enough to make us think about the security of our own businesses.

Can your business afford not to have security?

It is estimated that crime costs small and medium sized business £2,652 per event without including the cost of having to close for a few days (3-5 days on average). In addition to that, as anyone who has experienced crime can tell you, there are hidden costs too. The time and mental drain it takes to talk to police and your insurance company. The loss of confidence and extra worrying about if it will happen again.

Burglars admit…

ADT interviewed 100 criminals to find out what would put them off braking into a property.

Three of the prominent deterrents were;

  • 93% said they would avoid monitored alarm systems as they were too much hassle
  • External lighting and gravel drives (can be heard walking up)

They also said

  • Old looking alarms were of no concern to them, as can be disabled easily.


Create security & peace of mind

Mid Kerry Security Services offer a range of security systems including ones that can alert you and the police automatically.

Benefits of having a security system in place include;

  • It could save you money as most insurances companies consider what type of security you have when calculating your premium.
  • You can make your business less of a target, as said by the burglars themselves.
  • Cameras can take HD images and/or video that can prove helpful in catching and prosecuting criminals who try to brake in or cause damage.
  • Instant visual reassurance – monitor your business 24/7 from your phone, tablet or PC.
  • You’ll have total peace of mind.


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Article source: www.independent.ie